How to Display Baby Ultrasound Pictures

One you have those coveted pictures of the unborn baby, don’t just stick them in a drawer! There are many fun options, both low-tech and high-tech, in what you can do with your 2D, 3D or 4D ultrasound pictures.

For example, some companies’ 4D ultrasound keepsake packages include high-resolution AVI files along with 3D stills in high-res JPEG and BMP format. You’ll be able to compress and resave these images at 72dpi to e-mail to family and friends or post to a Web site, commercial site or to a free service such as Picasa Web. You can load the images into a digital picture frame and show them off at home, or at a baby shower or other family event.

You could even include them in a modern slide show using PowerPoint. If you know Adobe PhotoShop or a similar program, you can adjust the color or contrast or crop to alter the images to your liking.

Perhaps you’d like to personalize baby shower invitations by including an ultrasound image. Or, if you’re able to keep the secret long enough, a 2D, 3D or 4D ultrasound makes a great way to spring the good news on family and friends (Imagine inviting the unsuspecting grandparents-to-be to a family movie night only to have the image pop up on the TV screen be one of their own, yet-to-be-born grandchild!).

Of course, you can always simply take the CD to a store’s photo center or upload them to a store’s Web site for printing. Put the pictures in your baby book, send them to friends and relatives and so on. You can even have the images custom-printed on T-shirts, mugs, mouse pads and so on.

If you’re a scrapbooker, ultrasound images make a great layout topic. (Do it now, before the baby’s born, while you still have free time!)

Please note that the 2D ultrasound picture you may get from your doctor’s office or medical-setting sonographer is on very thin paper that may fade over time. suggests that you immediately scan these into your computer and/ or have them copied on a machine such as Kodak PictureMaker to ensure that you have a durable, lasting copy.

Traditional picture frames are also manufactured intended specifically for the display of baby ultrasounds.

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