Twins Missed on Ultrasound?

While you may have heard anecdotally of twins missed on ultrasound, experts agree that in modern uses of either vaginal or transabdominal ultrasound such an occurrence would be extremely unlikely.

Can ultrasound find twins early? Even at eight weeks’ gestation, a trained sonographer can readily identify one or more embryonic sacs. The further along the pregnancy, the more definite the results. It may not be possible to determine early on if all of the fetuses will progress to term, and it’s possible that while you were carrying twins at one time, only one baby will be born.

In short, most doctors and technicians can identify a single fetus, twins or other multiples regardless of how far along the mother is. If you’re told by a qualified person in a modern medical setting that you are carrying one, two, three or more babies, believe it.

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